Wednesday, March 26, 2014

October Happening and Fun

In October we started to feed Tanner solid foods.  At about 5 months, right around when Tyler got his tonsils out he started to try to eat everything off of our plates.   We held him off for a few weeks while we were handling the tonsil situation, but then started once I felt like I could handle more than just that!  He loved it and still does.  He eats anything you give him, we have not found a food he has turned down yet!  The kids loved watching him eat and discover food.

We went miniature golfing at Cherry Hill, Scary Hill.  The kids always look forward to this every year and Tyler especially loved it this year!
I was on a committee in charge of a mother-daughter Witches dinner at our church.  Sadie helped me make 150 little witch hat cookies and decorate for the party.  We had a really fun time together, it was fun to have an activity that I planned that Sadie could come to.

A fun tea party on a rainy cold afternoon, we have been having a lot of these lately and it has been fun.
We went to Cornbelly's, a fun fall carnival place.  We had a lot of fun jumping on the big trampolines, racing ducks, going down the big slides, riding trains, etc.

The moment Tyler saw this huge lizard he wanted to go inside of it!  It was suppose to be scary and haunted, we tried to explain it to him, but he was insistent that he wanted to go in.  My dad took him in and he came out, so excited, saying he loved it and that he wanted to do it again!  We were shocked and even more shocking is that Sadie went with them the 2nd time.  She is afraid of a lot, so we could not believe she decided to do it.  So much fun and so funny that it was his favorite part of Cornbelly's.

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